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2017 Team Category Winners:

1st place: Team FS-KPFF

2nd place: Clark Nuber

3rd place: Rebel Warriors


New for 2016, we are offering a team registration option!  Fun fun!  Any group of 6 or more can form a team.  Here’s some important stuff to remember:

  • There are no relays
  • A team is 6 or more runners
  • There is a $5 discount which is applied after a team has reached 6 or more runners.  Email us once your team is at 6 or more and the $5 refund will be automatically applied to the card used at registration.
  • The first person that registers will create the team name.  Subsequent registrations must all join that same team name to be eligible for the discount.
  • No dirty team names!
  • All teams must have 6 or more members by June 3rd, 2016.  If a team does not have at least 6 members by then, they are not eligible for the $5 discount or the team prize.
  • Please note that you cannot double up on discount–i.e. if you received a military or other discount, then you are not eligible for the $10 team discount.
  • There are three team categories for scoring: men, women and co-ed.  A co-ed team may only have one more man than women, i.e. 4 men, 3 women; 5 men, 4 women, etc.

Team scoring will be done in a similar fashion to cross country scoring.  The placing for the top 5 runners in each team is added up, according to each runner’s finishing place.  The team with the lowest score will win.  But, at least 6 team members must cross the finish line for a team to score or be eligible for the team prize.

There is no upper limit to the number of runners that you can have on a team.  But remember that only the 5 fastest runners will count towards your team score.